Rift MMO Maps

Greetings! This is a map portal for the MMORPG, Rift. Right now, these maps are very basic. In due time, this right panel will include links to other maps and unique items.

You can monitor for zone events by clicking here.

Icon Details

  • Observed spot of an epic artifact squirrel.
  • Special notice about a particular node. Pink text headers are danger, yellow/gold are general notes.
  • One-in-the-same squirrel (large path).

Notes for Unstable Epic Squirrels & this map:

  1. They have been observed to spawn on top of common, uncommon, and rare squirrels.
  2. Their spawn chance is quite low, so what you see on the map does not equate to them actually being active at any/all given spots.
  3. There is a high chance that there are no epic squirrels up in a zone.
  4. Capturing a lesser squirrel does not garuntee a new, rarer squirrel will spawn in its place.
  5. Respawn timer is about four to five minutes after a squirrel has been captured.
  6. Most of their paths are Z or X like shapes.
  7. Squirrels with the ! icon denote a special note.
  8. Plane Touched Wilds does not have Unstable zone events, thus no squirrels.
  9. This is not a complete map of all the epic squirrel locations in Rift. They are added as they are found.